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Our workshops are designed to be fun, interactive and engaging, providing high-quality music and film education, a wide range of workshops will be offered, and are tailored to participants’ needs. We have a number of workshops coming soon, check back often for more information!


Melique Berger

As a working voice actor for 3 decades, Melique’s passion and commitment to the craft of acting has led her on a journey into many facets of voiceover acting from animation on hit shows such as Rick and Morty and the character Mrs. Pancakes, OK KO, Dr. Sarah Charles of The Justice League franchise, the groundbreaking Boondocks.

Melique has also done ADR and Looping work on Insecure, Atypical, Dark Angel, Planet of the Apes, X Men and many more. Her work also includes radio and television commercials, video games and film.